It's easy with our disinfection gate.

„Finding a suitable disinfectant that is effective without destroying clothing or damaging health has proven to be a difficult task.“

The disinfectant solution may, with some exceptions, be chosen by the customers of our facilities at their discretion. We do not want to strictly instruct customers what they should or should not use. We declare that no alcohol or chlorine-based product may be used, as well as one that is harmful to health or clothing. The main reason is safety. In the event of an emergency and a lack of a single authorized product, the device would suddenly be inoperable. Such a situation must not occur. Therefore, we do not limit the user to the usage of one specific disinfectant, and we do not tie the user's hands in case of a potential crisis situation.

Product EDS Cleansing

Together with PharmDr. Krajíček we have developed our own disinfectant as a filling for our disinfection portal. We are currently celebrating very good measurement results and EDS Cleansing will be available soon.

  • confirmed in the laboratories of the State Institute of Public Health
  • suitable for use on hands, tools, surfaces and textiles
  • 100% safe and harmless to health
  • does not damage clothes

CleanOxin for Skin

Our company is ready to offer other suitable disinfectant solutions in sufficient quantity and quality. One of them is CleanOxin for Skin 5 L.

  • intended for hygienic disinfection of persons
  • does not contain alcohol or chlorine base
  • harmless to humans, animals and the environment
  • used in healthcare to disinfect wounds
  • clinically tested on newborns with no negative effects

Safety data sheet for download


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