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It is a device that automatically performs the disinfection process of the person entering. By process we mean the disinfection of the whole person, including hands, clothing and shoe soles by way of 12 nozzles. The whole process takes about 6s per person. For one filling of the 32 l tank, which is hidden in the body of the machine, the gate can disinfect up to 1,300 people. We use approved biocidal disinfectants for disinfection. The common feature is that they are skin-friendly and do not leave marks on clothes. We also do not rule out the use of disinfectants not supplied by us. The machine is rather more industrial in appearance, one might say that it is not exactly pretty. That is the intention. It is a machine that is supposed to work as a means of disinfection and is trimmed by anything that could make it more expensive to be as accessible as possible. The unique thing is that the machine disinfects the whole body with an emphasis on hands and soles of shoes, while if someone walks through the gate and does not disinfect their hands, the machine recognizes it and warns both the user and the machine operators. Thus, if someone passes through the device, the device ensures that the user is truly disinfected. The machine does not spray disinfectant into the head area. This is ensured by position sensors. We don't know another machine that can do that, not the control, not the soles. Usually this is solved by disinfecting the body and using hand applicators independently and separately. It is then only up to the user whether they will use the hand applicator. The device is compact. It can be stationarily placed in an institution or it can be quickly be set up somewhere in a field at a festival simply by taking it off a truck and turning it on. Take it away again after the event. Other devices are relatively more complicated to install.

Technical parameters of the device incl. frame are listed in technical sheets or instructions for use of the equipment as well as the declaration of conformity. We will send these on request. Also, please see the product detail, as it lists the basic technical data.

The disinfectant solution may, with some exceptions, be chosen by the customer at his discretion. We do not want to strictly instruct customers or end users what they should or should not use. The instructions state that no alcohol or chlorine-based product may be used, as well as one that is harmful to health or clothes, such as hydrogen peroxide. The main reason is safety. In the event of an emergency and a lack of a single authorized product, the device would suddenly be inoperable. Such a situation must not occur. Therefore, we do not require the use of a specific disinfectant.

However, our company offers and is ready to supply a suitable disinfectant solution in sufficient quantity and quality. We offer a specific product CleanOxin for Skin 5 L. This, as can be seen from the enclosed safety data sheet, is intended for hygienic disinfection of people. It satisfies our condition of the absence of alcohol or chlorine base. Furthermore, the disinfectant producer declares and describes that "The main active ingredient in our disinfectants is hypochlorous acid (that is, active chlorine in the form of hypochlorous acid). This acid is also found in the human body and is non-toxic to the human body, animals and the environment. At pH 5.5 - 7.0 it forms a stable solution with a highly biocidal effect. A slight chlorine odor, which resembles "savo" and other chlorine solutions, is caused by the same acid, but the active substance in these more invasive products is completely different. For their safety and effectiveness, the same solutions as CleanOxin are also used in healthcare to disinfect wounds, and clinical studies have shown no negative effect of this substance even when applied to newborns. " We also add that the safety data sheet includes safety instructions for working with concentrate in production and must be paid attention to. 

The risk analysis, which we may send on request, shows that "Inconvenience when entering / exiting the machine" is a minimal risk. The machine on legs or after braking the chassis is considered stationary and stable. The edge of the step is clearly marked with yellow-green stripes in case of tripping due to inattention. No further measures are required.

The machine is designed for both exterior and interior usage. The surface treatment, electrical installation and disinfectant distribution technology were designed with a requirement for high resistance to external influences and mechanical damage. The machine can be supplemented with a heating system on request and at an additional cost. This ensures that the technology inside the machine is heated so that the machine remains functional even at negative temperatures.

We have experience, for example, with a stable long-term placement in the Mariánské Lázně Hospital or also in front of the pharmaceutical company k2pharm in the city of Opava. Both use the equipment to disinfect people entering the interior from the exterior of the building, and at the same time use the disinfectant solution supplied by us. We have positive feedback from these customers. We also tested the device at shorter events, where more people gather at once and a capacity problem could occur – a hold-up when entering. We wanted to check the equipment with a stress test. Such cases include a meeting of the Ústí nad Labem City Council or the opening of ICUK in Ústí nad Labem and other similar events. Public feedback was generally positive, especially from employees who come into contact with visitors. Despite the large number of people the machine had to disinfect, no queues were formed and the machine worked reliably.

Before confirming the order, clients are calculated and offered individual transport. After the price has been agreed to by the client, after being notified of the delivery, it is carried out by our own capacities or by a contractual partner. Of course, there is the possibility of picking up the product at the establishment in Velké Březno. Deliveries are usually packed on pallets.

The portal can always be transported on a pallet truck because it is designed for this. Another option is to add a transport chassis to the portal. With this accessory, it is possible to move the portal on a flat surface by one worker without much effort.

First of all, it is good to repeat that complete operating manuals, declaration of conformity and spare parts list is sent to anyone who requests them. Click here to request these documents.

This option is available only for the Czech market.

Unfortunately not. The interior of the portal is designed as a non-smoking area.

The Entrance Disinfection Portal has been designed for use in combination with the manufacturer's supply. However, the manufacturer does not forbid the use of other disinfectants, excluding flammable products, chlorine-based disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide or products that would damage health or clothing. We will provide more detailed information at the request of a specific client.

The disinfectant tank has been dimensioned for normal use during one operating or working shift. In the case of continuous operation of disinfection cycles with a spraying time of up to 2.5 s, the machine lasts for about 10 hours of operation without refilling the tank, disinfects 1,300 people. These differ according to the set length of the spraying itself. The disinfection spray time can be adjusted by the user from 1 to 10 s.

The portal is intended for all persons who are able to walk through the machine and respect the instructions on the machine label.

Complaints of all products of our company are resolved individually and according to the complaint procedure of our company. The complaint procedure is in accordance with Czech legislation, or with the legislation of the country of use. If you have any problem or want to send a complaint about the product, contact us using the contact form here and we will solve everything. Usually, a technician is sent to the field to solve any possible defects.

No assembly is required. The basic Entrance Disinfection Portal 3.4 package contains the portal and accessories. These are packed on one pallet. All you have to do is unpack the pallet, unpack the machine, refill the disinfectant tank and connect the machine to a power source. In case of ordering additional products such as a transport frame, the procedure is different. In these cases, those accessories must also be installed with the supplied or standard workshop tools.

The machine was developed to provide the user with the longest possible service. The machine uses components from leading European suppliers of the highest quality. The skeleton structure is intentionally oversized so that critical parts of the skeleton do not undergo material fatigue. Taking into account the replacement of consumables and replacing components such as nozzles, the service life of the machine is theoretically limitless.

Yes it is. Our company has a development department that has developed the products offered and further improves them. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer, taking into account individual adjustments. There is also an option to change the color of the machine or place your own logo or brand. Contact us with an inquiry here


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